Real Solutions for Healthcare

Indiana is being negatively effected, in a major way, by the Affordable Care Act of 2009 (Obamacare). The Act forces business and schools to cut hours and positions of employees because they cannot afford to offer insurance to these employees. Insurance costs on the employees who businesses can afford to provide healthcare for are going up, drastically. Businesses have no choice but to pass those costs on to employees. 

Indiana can become a leader in healthcare reform by counteracting the negative effects of this federal legislation. We do not need to force people to purchase insurance if they do not want or need it. By focusing on healthcare issues, at a state level, we can address these problems. 

Through legal reforms we can reduce the cost of malpractice insurance, easing the financial burden on small medical practices, allowing health care facilities to lower their prices. 

Licensing boards rule with absolute power, granting or denying the right of a professional to practice in their field. This is an unacceptable imbalance of power. 

Most careers in healthcare require formal education, that can be very expensive and prohibitive to some individuals. We cannot have reasonable healthcare costs if the professionals are crushed by debt. 

By introducing bills to reform these areas, not only will the concerns over insurance be alleviated for many individuals, Indiana will also become a very attractive state for healthcare professionals to work.