The Role of Government

What is the role of our government? It is to protect our rights and provide a way to resolve issues of dispute. We have suffered a massive expansion of government and regulation, so much that it is now the defining element of our lives. As a state law maker, I will provide simplicity. I will remove as much regulation as possible and restore property rights. Anyone who holds office should restrain the government to the constitutional limits that are meant to be.

  • Property Rights
         The government should protect an individual's right to hold property. To that end, I would do away                      with eminent domain, which is essentially the government claiming legal right to a citizen's private                        property. 
  • Dispute Resolution
         The government has a responsibility to protect it's citizens from fraud and provide a fair court system to                 resolve issues.

  • Uphold The Constitution 

              The ultimate job of the government is to uphold the constitutional freedoms we are guaranteed.